About Face: Customer Interaction Impacts Your Fleet’s Top Line

Research shows that when your reps spend less time on the road, and more time with customers, they sell more. Even in this age of text, email, and social media, face-to- face communication still has a value that’s unsurpassed. It’s like the old saying: people want to do business with people they know. And to get to know someone, your reps need to spend time making that connection.

Finding that time during the day — in between emails, setting up appointments and phone calls — is precious. Routing technology helps with this. Optimizing the best way to get to appointments has a proven ROI.

As does mobile technology that provides visibility into your mobile workers’ days.

Tracking your workers’ productivity in terms of client face time can be a key performance indicator. Say you set a sales goal of $1 million per rep. If you could increase the amount of time that rep spent with customers by only 10% — and it leads to a 5% increase in sales, you’d realize another $50,000 in sales per rep.

We’ve put together an example with sales relationship metrics in this infographic to illustrate the point.

Increasing accountability and efficiency drives reps to maximize time with customers while decreasing the amount of time on the road. (It also decreases mileage in the process.)