White Paper

Baby Steps: How to Introduce Onboard Technology to Truck Drivers

The decision to implement an electronic logging device (ELD) is often a cause of stress for drivers. After all, many drivers were drawn to this business for the independence and autonomy that it provides. From their perspective, any attempt to monitor driver behavior is seen as an infringement on their freedom.

The truth is that ELD offerings from companies like Omnitracs offer a broad range of efficiency and productivity benefits beyond simply tracking driving hours. Typically, an electronic log is just one component of a broader mobile fleet management solution designed to help drivers and fleets improve safety, increase fuel efficiency, navigate truck-approved routes, enhance driver-dispatcher information exchange, manage regulatory compliance, and much more. With all of the challenges affecting the transportation industry today, more than ever, fleets need the competitive advantages that this technology brings.

Driver acceptance of ELDs can be a challenge, but the implementation of this technology can help take your business to the next level. There are simple, effective ways to win over your drivers and ensure a successful implementation — you’ll need to Engage, Educate, and Explain.

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