White Paper

Keep Spirits High & Costs Low: Data-Driven Customer Service is a Win-Win

In this day and age, exceeding customer expectations is getting increasingly difficult. All the technology that surrounds us in our personal lives — tablets, smartphones, Wi-Fi access nearly everywhere, 1.2M apps in the Apple App Store to assist us in everyday life — it’s no wonder that your customers are demanding more. We have arrived into an age where information and data are ever-present. How can you harvest this data to your advantage to provide exceptional customer service and beat the high expectations that are set as a result of our own consumer lives?

Furthermore, how do you change the behavior of your customers and ultimately add back to your bottom line? Today’s customers do not hesitate to pick up the phone, ultimately inundating your customer service call center with “Where’s my order?” calls. On average, 50% of the customers on each route will call into your offices to find out when their delivery or service will arrive. The costs to provide this service are high and often not considered as part of the overall cost of the delivery or service call.

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