Borrowing From Connected Home Technologies to Build Your Connected Fleet

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live our lives. Take, for example, a modern day home filled with all the latest gadgets. Let’s look at Fred’s house. Fred grew up with technology and considers himself an early adopter.

Some of the many gadgets found in Fred’s home today include: two laptops, two tablets, two smartphones, a smart thermostat, smart garage door openers, wifi-enabled light switches, two fitness tracking wearables, IP security cameras, usage-monitoring electrical outlets, four HDTVs, and a wireless sound system.

If you think about all these items in Fred’s home, you can picture how they connect with one another. This is an illustration of the Internet of Things, a concept where everything is connected. IoT is accelerating change in consumer behavior, in addition to obvious implications for technology. And those personal consumer interactions that we all have are driving change in B2B interaction as well.

If you ran your fleet like Fred’s home, you’d be able to:

  • Monitor all activities and events from anywhere, at any time
  • Keep customers informed via event-driven “smart” alerts and make modifications on the fly to provide best-in-class service
  • Examine actual routes vs. planned routes in the cloud, maximizing route compliance
  • Easily analyze, making you a “hero” to your boss with all your fancy graphics and charts
  • Monitor vehicle health status, optimizing fuel efficiency and minimizing downtime

To run your fleet like Fred’s home, you need to evaluate the technology tools that you’re using today. The right routing software can show you planned vs. actual routes. Mobile alerts can help you answer questions like “Where’s my order?” and “What time will it arrive?” Real-time interactions with drivers and vehicles help you control your fleet the way Fred can control his home’s temperature remotely. And when your routing and dispatching software is in the cloud, you can control your fleet operation from anywhere.

To make your fleet a connected home, take a look at all of the technology available to you today. Re-evaluate your routing and dispatch solutions. If you’re not using a mobile dispatch or telematics solution today, you’re missing out on some real operational efficiencies.