White Paper

Turn Your Truck Cab Into a Mobile Office & Take Fleet Productivity for a Ride

Flextime, telecommuting, working remotely, and zero-hour contracts — whatever you want to call it, many employees have the option of working outside of the office these days. But long before these business initiatives were even a glimmer of a trend, the modern trucker had pioneered the ultimate remote working location — the truck cab.

Whether they’re dedicated drivers, running local and regional loads, or living life over-the-road, truck drivers spend most of their time in the cab, which means the cab doubles as office space — a mobile office solution on wheels.

These mobile offices need to be kept organized just as much, if not more, than traditional offices, and there are a host of truck cab organizer solutions currently on the market to help do just that. But what truckers really need is a mobile office solution that also enhances productivity.

The less time drivers spend organizing paperwork, the more time they have for driving. And both drivers and fleet managers are working to stretch every mile a little farther.

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