White Paper

The A to Zzzzs of One Fleet’s Foray into Sleep Science

To illustrate the results of Omnitracs’ Sleep Management Program, in this case study we follow one client fleet’s experience with sleep education. The program was launched and tracked within a client fleet over an eight month period and implemented through a series of driver and management attendee workshops and individual management training sessions. Referred to as the “company” in order to maintain that fleet’s confidentiality, this paper tracks how the sleep awareness program affected the fleet’s accident and safety record.

The goal of the Sleep Management Training Program is to:

  • Help drivers understand sleep science so that they can incorporate the concept of quality sleep into trip planning
  • Help driver managers integrate the sleep requirements of drivers into the management process
  • Help significantly reduce accident severity where driver fatigue and sleep deprivation are considered primary and secondary causal factors

The Sleep Workshop Program is delivered in two formats:

  • A 90-minute workshop as part of the School Orientation Program
  • A 30-minute refresher workshop as part of the driver certification process

At the conclusion of this company’s exercise, a total of 1,651 drivers had attended 55 Sleep Management Workshops, representing 44% of the total driver population at the company. The remaining 56% of drivers became the control group for the purposes of this study.

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